Adam Lovett

I am a Fellow at the London School of Economics (LSE). I completed a Ph.D. in philosophy at New York University (NYU) in July 2021.


My work focuses on the ways in which real-world democracies fall short of democratic ideals and why these shortfalls matter. Email me if you would like to read my book manuscript. 

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My research is in three areas. In political philosophy, I am interested in how well U.S. democracy lives up to democratic ideals. My work in this area marries normative political theory with empirical political science. Practically, that means looking at a disparate body of empirical findings and determining what they mean for democratic values. In my view, they show that the U.S. does not achieve much of what makes democracy valuable. This, I think, has an enormous impact on the rights and duties of American citizens. In ethics, I have two separate projects. On the one hand, I am interested in the place of organizations—charities, businesses, governments—in our moral lives. On the other, I am interested in how much we should care about, or value, various things. In metaphysics, my work is on grounding. I am developing a coarse-grained conception of ground. I have outlined a logic for this conception, solved some paradoxes with it, and used it to prove some interesting principles about grounding. You can find many of the papers constituting these projects below. 


  1. Review of Ethical Autonomy: The Rise of Self-Rule by Lucas Swaine. Journal of Moral Philosophy. Forthcoming. Paper here.            

  2. Adam Lovett and Stefan Riedener. Group agents and moral status: what can we owe to organizations?. Canadian Journal of Philosophy. Forthcoming. Paper here. Abstract.                                                    

  3. Voter Motivation. Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy. Forthcoming. Paper hereAbstract.                                                   

  4. Adam Lovett and Daniel Sharp. What Immigrants Owe. Ergo. Forthcoming. Paper hereAbstract.                                                   

  5. Must egalitarians condemn representative democracy?. Social Theory and Practice. 2021. Paper hereAbstract.                                                

  6. Democratic Autonomy and the Shortcomings of Citizens. Journal of Moral Philosophy. 2020. Paper hereAbstract.                                                

  7. Adam Lovett and Stefan Riedener. On Keeping Things in Proportion. Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy. 2019. Paper hereAbstract.                                                   

  8. The puzzles of ground. Philosophical Studies. 2019. Paper hereAbstract.                                                   

  9. A Simple Proof of Grounding Internality. Thought. 2019. Paper hereAbstract.                                                   

  10. The logic of ground. Journal of Philosophical Logic. 2019. Paper hereAbstract.

In Preparation

The Ethics of Asymmetric Politics. Draft here. Abstract.

Egalitarian Anarchism. Draft here. Handout HereAbstract.  

Adam Lovett and Jake Zuehl. The Possibility of Democratic Autonomy. Draft hereAbstract

The Loving State. Draft here. Handout Here. Abstract.

Gratitude as an Economic Ideal. Draft here. Abstract

Wealth, Consumption and Power. Draft here. Abstract.

Property and Non-Ideal Theory. Draft hereAbstract.

Adam Lovett and Stefan Riedener. Touching the Good. Draft hereAbstract.

Adam Lovett and Stefan Riedener. The Good Life as the Life in Touch with the Good. Draft here. Abstract.